Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm a really lucky kid. Most people dream dreams and never get the opportunity to make them a reality. But me? I'm beginning to make my dreams a reality and its such a crazy feeling. For so long I was just a kid with a lot of ideas, and a lot of tools at my disposal but I could never really put it together. I knew what I loved, and that was film and videos and just the media experience, but I never thought I'd be pursuing it like I am now. Funny story: back in 6th grade when we would have to do all of those weird english projects and we'd have to make a video and it would have to be super corny, everybody would always want to be in my group because our videos would always come out really good because after my friends and i filmed i would go home and just edit them for hours because i loved to do it. They were no good obviously and probably pretty stupid but never forget your roots. I mean, without that, i don't know what i'd be pursuing right now. But I mean i obviously have to thank my parents. the camera that i currently am using was my graduation present and i could obviously not do what i do without it. But i mean my friends who are all more than just friends to me. The fact that they just give up their time to help me out means the world to me. Im also so lucky to be surrounded by such a skillful individuals. The filming and the editing is the easy part, have you seen WHAT im filming?! shit. the art is incredible and i could never do that with all of the practice in the world. But everything is slowly coming together for me and I'd consider myself to officially be on the 2nd step of my staircase. I'm not just starting out anymore and it's a weird feeling to have dove into the water already, but it's also a satisfying one. My rule of thumb however is that whenever I accomplish something, I give myself one night to enjoy and then the next day its right back to work. Given the fact that I found out about this project only a little over a week ago, who knows what's going to come next, that's part of the fun of it all. I've got some good ideas though, and I've got some good good people around me. I've got a long way to go until I fully realize my dream, but it is certainly starting to unfold right before my very eyes. I'm going to enjoy for tonight, but never get me wrong, it's back to the drawing board tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!

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