Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Musical Delusion.

While I was writing some lyrics and sitting by the piano tonight something weird happened. I'm trying to look at the world through a lot of different points of view other than my own especially when i write, because the only thing that i personally can feel is heartbreak. So even though as hard as i may try to write about something happy, it simply never happens and i always come "falling back to earth" so to speak even though i don't mean to talk or write about depressing shit. But i was writing and playing along like usual, and for a split second my mind sort of trailed off so to speak. The song was about myself and some very recent specific events, but as the song progressed i found myself writing about things that have never happened to me (and this is VERY unlike me) . when i took a look back at them, i realized that i was writing about what i wish to happen in my life, and for that split second while i was writing them i was 100% happy because it felt so real. the music, the words, i had brought the moment to life within me. it was absolutely magical. I completely understand that things will never play out exactly how I would like them to play out, but through music, they did. I created an alternate world in which I received my vindication and was happy once more. And while it isn't a real physical world, who is anybody to say that it isn't as real as the very world we live in. I hope to travel back there very very soon. It may be a waste of time, but it gave me some peace of mind...

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