Monday, May 6, 2013

Rap Poetry

I used to be used to getting used and abused,
but I refuse to be amused by the blues so get used to it,
excused from class, break the rules kiss my ass,
grass smokin, facebook pokin soakin it all up in last,
my voice aint even raspy enough to spit a rap,
but my word choice snappy as fuck like bra straps,
grasp it and tuck my nuts like a running back,
my boy throwin down busted chucks gimmie some of that,
nappy unhappy you laugh at me? That's kinda mean,
for a kid who's about to turn his subaru into a saleen,
16 piss clean with nothin but a big dream
oscar nominees on the tv you dig me?
And id be lyin if I said I didn't hate all of society
id be lying if I said I didn't struggle with sobriety
anxiety hides in me silently whispering these
violent ambitions kissing my minds intuition
unwilingly liabilities reside at my window
though rolling eyes keep crying as souls inside of us dying
reminding guys to be high and never render our bitchin
sippin the tussin got me scratchin and itchin
gobblins in my noggin robbin me of any sanity
I couldn't dream of this in my most unreal fantasy.
Dance with me
take a chance with me
im depressed for some romance or at least a
fuckin female tail but they all just fuckin run away and bail
so I smoke like chain mail take it in and exhale
life down the drain I wanna put it up for sale.

Psychedelics in my head with a lotta ambition
this flow so loaded with a lot of ammunition
just spittin the wishes while youre listenin to me bitchin
cant even tell which spliffs I be hitten
before we emit the flames, every night its the same
paddin stats lebron james inhale the smoke and fuck the flames,
poppin collars wayfayer frames im kickin ass and takin names
you're a sus ass pooch boy im a great dane
But im still cleaner then most my flow is sweeter than toast
evokes emotional roller coastin notions I boast
postin up, ganja leaves, match it to my green preme
dreams of an american we're scarin them we're that extreme
swimmin upstream like its all part of the scheme
and I promise my regime is just as messed up as it seems.