Sunday, March 18, 2012

Breaking The Rules.

For every game there is a set of rules. there are laws and occurrences that just happen because they are logical and there is no way around them. if somebody hits you, you are going to feel pain. if you dive underwater you will not be able to breathe. if you eat a piece of fruit you will no longer be hungry. these are the rules of life. these are the laws of feelings and emotions. however there is one emotion that breaks every single rule we've ever grown up with and that is the one of love. Love makes you happy when you should feel sad, it breaks your heart when you have the world in your hands. its not something that anybody can ever coincide with because love itself is the ultimate rebellion. you will feel it sometimes not because of anything you are doing, feeling or wanting, but depending on what love decides to do. life defies any sort of logic and is influenced by nothing. it is something us humans will never be able to truly grasp because it is simply to real for us. love works in crazy ways and is the only emotion that will go up up and beyond the rest. there is a reason why i long for it so much. it feels like reaching the unattainable, capturing what can not be captured, doing the impossible. love is the most pure and beautiful of emotions, for its free spirit, and rawness.

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