Tuesday, February 21, 2012


while playing oltremare by einaudi tonight... this morning... i realized something very absurd. that during parts of it my hands were SO stretched out over the piano, that if the music asked for me to reach a key further i wouldn't be able to do it. my point is, the piece writes to the limits of a human being. it hit the wall, it reached the ceiling. now, i realize i am not playing things that are barely humanly possible to play... but for einaudi to write such a piece, to reach out that far into what a human being can do is mind blowing. when you apply this concept to other forms of art you can truly see why what we consider great, to be so great. it is either so complex or so challenging that it is barely possible to preform, and only those willing to put the time and effort into will not only be the only ones to truly appreciate it, but be able to preform it as well. like all else in this world, ignorance is bliss. something so complex can sound so simple and peaceful to most people, but the fact that a composition or work of art has the ability to go deeper is exactly what makes it so great. the deeper it can go inside someone's soul... in complexity, without losing its basic form, the greater it becomes, and the larger the audience it will pertain to. its like jumping across a pond via lily pads. if you are surrounded by water and want to continue forward you are going to choose the lily pad that is closest to you. (the shallowest) however if two are equally shallow to you and one is longer than the other, youre going to choose the one that is longer because it gets you closer to the final destination. (the deeper) while pieces are much more intriguing when they have the ability to go deep, they still must be able to be appreciated by one that has zero knowledge of music. the fact that it fills both ends of the spectrum is what makes it beautiful. i have listened to it in very shallow form, and now the blood and sweat all over my piano right now is a testament to how badly i want to feel the deepest of the deep through my art which is piano. unfortunately i know i can never feel what einaudi was feeling because i would have to compose the same exact piece without knowledge of what already exists. i can come close, but i'll never be able to dig myself far enough in, leaving myself permanently unsatisfied.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


it used to be once every few months. it slowly turned into once a month, once a week, and now it is practically every day. up till the wee hours of the morning, just long enough to see the sun begin the new day... just working. on what exactly? anything and everything. doesn't fuckin matter. all i know is that im going to change this goddamn world. i do not care if it is one by fucking one until i reach all six billion, im going to change it. laugh at me if you will because im just a broke college kid with a dream, but im not one to just talk. infact if you know me i prefer to stay pretty quiet at most times. i let my actions speak for themselves and i let them carry my message. I will not stop until i leave my mark, I promise you that. I will carry out, what I was put on this beautiful planet to do. Help me or hurt me, you will never be able to stop me, and more importantly... you'll never be able to stop all that is inside of me.