Friday, April 13, 2012

Traffic Lights

been workin on a new song for a few weeks now. easily the most complex thing ive ever written musically and im really content with how i finally pieced it together. it was also one of the tougher songs to write lyrically but with enough inspiration anything can happen. it was inspired by my life, as well as a few others that ive had some REALLY good conversations with recently. its funny when theyre talking to me, sometimes they don't even realize what theyre saying, but i hear it, and im like "shit that was beautiful, that could definitely be in a song" and ill keep a mental note of it in my head and write it down when i get the chance. but to keep a long story short, this was inspired by my life, or some of my friend's lives and i like that, because it keeps the story real, and when i write i strive to always have everything feel as real as possible. i titled it 'traffic lights' because i started writing this on the way home from my cousin's wedding. at the time i felt so alone and even though i had my parents in the car in the front seats, it was just me in the back trying to zone out to some music with a pad and paper. i felt like the only thing i had was the traffic lights and because we were riding through the city. i think that's one of the stronger concepts in the song, the fact that we may not always be where we want to be (somewhere with stars) but the fact that we have to make due and make the best of what we have (wishing upon the traffic lights). i could go into a lot of detail about every lyric line by line but i won't do that to you. if you want to know tho feel free to ask and id be more than happy to explain where each came from and what it means, because yes every word in each of my songs has a story. i take A LOT of pride in everything i write. the following link is what i'll show the band to kind of let them know what im looking for in the song and so they can feel the emotion of it. we do this for all our songs but ill post them here because i love you guys and i love the fact that i can just share anything here. obviously its not the final version because me with my shitty voice is singing and the recording of the instruments was very on the fly. so timings are off EVERYWHERE hahaha. but i hope you get the general feel and more than anything i hope you enjoy!! the lyrics are in the description so follow along if you'd like...

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