Friday, April 20, 2012


It doesn't have to be much. It can be a smell prancing around in the breeze, or the look in someone's eye. Every once in awhile a trigger will be set off in your mind and you will feel a memory so vivid it's almost as if you're there for a split second. Then you're right back. Back to the now. The truth is, as you grow older the life ahead of you begins to fade. Well, not fade but shorten. An impending death is creeping up on you every second, life begins to pick up pace and before you know it, there's more of it behind you than you ever could have imagined. One of the hardest concepts to accept in one's life is that what once was, is no longer. Naturally, it is quite saddening to live in a time that no longer exists. To reminisce so deeply that you feel everything you once felt as if it were real, and the now. The realization that the reminiscence is not reality is mental murder. Memories fading, contemplating what's real and what's dream, appreciate the present and let it slip through the seams, because life moves faster than light beams, and while I may have none of that answers, my insecurities burn through me like a cancer, I can only hope that someone holds the master scheme. What the fuck is time. 

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