Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Red Cups

Originally wrote this about these college fucks I'm surrounded by today. It makes me so sick how they go about living and 'enjoying' themselves. Just because I don't choose to trash myself on a nightly basis doesn't mean I'm boring, it just means I don't enjoy trashing myself on a nightly basis. The immaturity of these people is absolutely painful. I don't want to wish to be out of college when I'm still in my first semester, but I don't have much of a choice. I'm not at all like these people.

You poor souls. Look at you flaunting your insecurities all over the place. Seeking independence but in reality seeking everything but. Enclosing yourself in a box just tight enough that you can never reach outside of it. Every action a consequence against what the elders have laid out for us. Jumping on the bandwagon of rebellion with the rest of the world. It just doesn't work like that. To truly rebel, is to not be above or below the influence, but to be the influence. To truly rebel is to not react in a positive or negative manner towards anything, but to carry on with staggering sense of self regardless. To truly rebel is to inspire yourself, and free yourself from this very world. So to unite with a group of people to take an opposition against anything, makes you just as much a slave to conformity as your opposition.

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