Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Take a look at the photo that I posted above. If I were to tell you that one of these two babies would live under the poverty line for the majority of their entire life, drop out of high school, and end up in jail at least once in their lives, which one would you assume it to be? If you had to bet your life on it, which baby would you choose? I don't believe I am going out on a limb when I assume you didn't choose the white baby. This is a drastic problem in our world that we need to fix. This experiment proves that while a good amount of people in this world may not be "racist", they still see differences in skin color and make judgments off of that prerequisite. This epidemic of white supremacy is often referred to as "white privilege". White privilege is a very large problem in our society but it's not an issue that gets brought much attention due to white privilege. Let me explain. White privilege is an unspoken rule, that you should always give someone of European decent the benefit of the doubt, when up against anybody from any other race. Now because of this unspoken rule, more white people are in greater positions of power. With this comes much more credibility, and when you have credibility, you hold the power of persuasion. So because white people are the only ones that can persuade the population that there is something wrong in the first place, nothing will progress as it should. Because in our bullshit capitalist society where holding the upper-hand is everything, when whites hold the upper-hand in everything, why the fuck would we want to give that up? Why would we want to lessen the power we have? Why would we want to have less credibility and authority over others? It's unfortunate to hear these questions even be asked. Yes as a race there might be a few benefits here and there, but as a human race we are being hurt. Our capitalist minds were brought up to feed on those weaker than us in order to survive. Darwin brought the same ideals into the public eye in the 19th century. For once we as a human population need to forget what we were brought up with, and realize there is much more to life than seeking self-benefit. Yes, most of us white folk aren't raging racists and do not shout derogatory terms and dehumanize other races. However as a race, we still pass an obscene amount of judgment upon others from differing races. We need to no longer judge somebody by the color of their skin, but by the human they are on the inside. I am no exception to the rule, I am just somebody who realizes that there is a problem with this. In a world where only about 4% of humanity is white, who are we to dictate the tempo of existence? We need to think outside of our own lives and put on their shoes and try to walk a few miles. Most of us probably wouldn't even be able to tie the laces.

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