Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the greatest day of my life.

I never really thought about it, but as soon as I did I realized that this was the best day of my life. I never thought I'd be able to select something like this out of so many good days that I've had, but this one had everything. There was not a single scent of nostalgia in the air. Everything I had ever missed was right beside me as well as inside of me. I had somebody whom I loved, loving me all the same. I had many new great friends, as well as the old. My family felt like a family that day for the first and last time I can remember. I was hiking through my favorite place on the planet, Yosemite. I don't even remember the actual date, but I know this was the greatest day of my life. Running around God's canvas provided with me with an energy that I hadn't felt in quite some time. I felt as I did during my boyhood running around in the yard in a world full of bliss, only this time it was a stone canyon paradise. It was the first time I saw or talked to my brother in over a year and it was the best feeling ever. We ran and explored and just let ourselves take in every bit of beauty. We joked and we mocked each other, and then cooled off at the footsteps of a gigantic waterfall gracing itself over a cliff. We got lost. We got found. Got a text saying "I love you." I didn't need anything more, I'll never need anything more than that. It was bliss, it was beautiful, it was perfect. I was free, I was young, but most importantly I was one. My heart was one for the first time in ages. My family was one for the first time in ages. My world was one for the first time in ages. I was happy, the happiest I have ever been. This was the greatest day of my life, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it more than anything in the world. I miss my family. I miss my brother. I miss Yosemite. I miss my heart. I miss my happiness. But I know that it won't be too long before I'm back. And once I'm back I'll feel it all again like I had on the greatest day of my life. I can't wait.

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