Tuesday, October 16, 2012


im not one of those white kids whos about to attempt to pursue a rap career. but ever since i was little ive written poetry and got made fun of it quite a bit through out grade school so i always just wrote it to myself or people that really got me. but since i listened to so much rap throughout grade school i really fell in love with the art and when i dont feel like writing poetry all the time sometimes ill put on an instrumental and just write to that. its not really poetry or rap its kind of an in between that ive come to love. so i just let go whenever i wanna. no structure, no formatting, no bullshit. ive said from the start this blog is my new journal. id be ashamed of myself if it was formatted in ANY way.

Its a night like this, a few years back in my room no chicks,
wishin I would die or the time would pass by
its never easy living life with nobody givin two shits
now we find ourselves smokin two spliffs, dont know where were goin or what were doin but these paths that were choosing are making us who were gonna be in the future, doesn't help me forget the blonde in the cute shirt, sittin in class callin me a loser, too afraid of drugs to be an abuser so I sat in my room at night with only my music to talk to goin back to school on monday everybody thinking im an awkward fool or maybe it was all in my head and now im reading these threads about these people who are depressed and don't have a lot to live for, starvin themselves hungry with insanity knockin on their door, and Im thinkin to myself that I was just like them, and every single one of them is why ill never let go of the pen. If only I can save a single life before it all its the fan, because each and every is so beautiful goddamn.  

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