Thursday, October 11, 2012

something for a friend.

seven months back when i was struggling to even breathe
fearing that the people i needed no longer needed me
my heart cut out of my chest just like an amputee
and then an old friend of mine gave me a life changing guarantee
we hadn't talked in awhile so it caught me off guard
i wasn't even in the mood to chat i was so scarred
but he wasn't about to take no for an answer no matter how hard
a friendship is a friendship doesn't matter where you are
he told me i was wide open and it would take a lot of time
like a piercing without the jewels i'd close up just fine
that the pain that i was going through was all part of the design
of this life that we live you can't have highs without declines
i trusted him he's my buddy what else was i to do
he's a genuine kid i should've known that he'd come through
for awhile i dug inside myself and really withdrew
but that's what it took to stand up and become new.

a little over a month ago i saw him again
late summer night just partying with some friends
it took a moment but then i got to thinking remember when
he reached out to me and let me see my life through a new lens
we hugged and he told me that he dug my creativity
and i can't even being to tell you how much this inspired me
to this very day to simply keep doing what i'm doing
felt like pre-k again when i first learned to tie my shoe strings
you can't put a price on when a friend has your back
one from back in the day when we ran for the plaques
don't talk too much anymore but it doesn't matter
because every time we do it's the most meaningful chatter
through and through he helped me like no other
safe to say he's like a big brother
through and through in the past few months i grew
i guess all i'm trying to say is thank you.

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