Saturday, February 18, 2012


it used to be once every few months. it slowly turned into once a month, once a week, and now it is practically every day. up till the wee hours of the morning, just long enough to see the sun begin the new day... just working. on what exactly? anything and everything. doesn't fuckin matter. all i know is that im going to change this goddamn world. i do not care if it is one by fucking one until i reach all six billion, im going to change it. laugh at me if you will because im just a broke college kid with a dream, but im not one to just talk. infact if you know me i prefer to stay pretty quiet at most times. i let my actions speak for themselves and i let them carry my message. I will not stop until i leave my mark, I promise you that. I will carry out, what I was put on this beautiful planet to do. Help me or hurt me, you will never be able to stop me, and more importantly... you'll never be able to stop all that is inside of me.

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