Sunday, May 20, 2012


recent thoughts while camping out at the beach with a few of my best friends. must've been told it was illegal to sleep on the beach about 50 times. must've told 50 different people that i don't give a fuck. it's not about being a "badass" of sorts or trying to be a rebellious kid. it's about understanding my surroundings and coming to the realization that this world is just as much mine as it is anybody elses. i refuse to listen to anybody. i use the tools the Earth has provided me with to continue my process of becoming. let's utilize what we have and enjoy it together, in happiness and love. keep in mind that there's nothing more disgusting in this world than those who seek authority. What is authority but an oblivion to love and compassion between the human race. We exist under rules and regulations, but we live, we flourish, by abolishing them... By breaking and extinguishing the very foundation that has been laid out for us to nitpick but not revolutionize. Size is irrelevant because imperium is a falsity. Don't let a single droplet of power hold any influence over your incomparable soul. Be you. Be free. Fear nothing.

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